First Day of First and Second Grade

Today is the first day of first grade for Capri and the first day of second grade for Mercedi.  They were both excited about it … Capri a bit nervous.  Cedi promised her she’d make sure she got everywhere safe and would play with her on the playground once they got to school.  I can’t wait to hear if that actually happened.IMG_3277Here they are!  All ready for the first day!  Now the trick will be if I can find the apple chalk boards to use again on the last day of school!IMG_3280

All the girls have their chalkboards in this picture!  (Pip’s says #manyfacesofPip)IMG_3281And one second later – here’s how they look.  I love taking a bunch of shots in a row so you can really see how a mood can change in just a second.first day of schoolAnd here’s how much it changed in the time it took me to switch from my camera to my phone.  IMG_3284But no worries – Pip was better as they continued to wait for the bus and the cats decided to wait with them.IMG_3295Oh!  Here the bus comes!  The girls are ready!IMG_3296New bus driver – she seemed nice.IMG_3299And they’re on the bus …IMG_3300

and off to their first day of school …



Capri with her first grade teacher – Mrs. O’Connor.


And here’s Cedi with her second grade teacher – Ms. Hillier. 

It’s a bittersweet day and I know I’ll be ready at 4:10 when the bus drops them off to wrap my little girls in my arms for the evening.

Make it a Mini: Project QUILTING September Off Season Challenge

It’s September!  September 1st to be exact.  Which means there’s exactly 4 months left in 2014.  It is also my parents 42nd wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 
Not only is there only 4 months left in 2014 and it’s my parents anniversary – it’s also time for the next off season Project QUILTING Challenge.  This months challenge suggestion comes from Carolyn Braun of Sweet Boater Chick.

Make it a Mini

I’ve been obsessed with Mini Quilts lately.  I find that it’s a great way to test out a pattern or a color combination without a huge commitment.  For this challenge we’re going to define a Miniature Quilt as a quilt under 24” square.  This could be an art quilt, quilted pillow covers, mug rugs, pot holders, or doll quilts. 
For some inspiration – read this blog post from Craftsy on Mini Quilts.


  • Quilts must be 24” x 24” or less.
  • Projects should be finished by Tuesday, September 30th and added to the link up below.  Anytime is just fine…just as long as they’re submitted by the time the linky closes (which there’s a countdown on so you can check your time constraints). 
  • This is purely just so we have a FINISH before we get moving on the October
  • Off Season Challenge.   Not only is Project QUILTING meant to inspire you to make something you never thought you would – but it’s to help encourage you to FINISH the project too.
  • Have fun!
  • And…if you want – add them to the Project QUILTING Flickr Group too!


Prize for Off Season Project Quilting Challenges: (winner will be randomly drawn from a hat)


“Quilting Gift Certificate” for $30.00 off the Quilting on a Baby size quilt or larger. (Baby, Lap, Twin. Full, Queen, or King) from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting.
The Gift Certificate will be good for 4 months starting one month after the challenge ends.  Excluding the Month of December for using the gift certificate.  The quilting gift certificate is transferable to another person, so you can share it with a friend, if you’d like.
Marcia will do an estimate based on the size of the winner's quilt top, quilting choices, thread choices, and batting and if they would like to purchase backing fabric from me. Winner can send backing fabric and batting with their quilt top, but I do have it available. This way the winner will have a good estimate of the value of your quilting prize.


Marcia would also like to giveaway to a separate winner a prize of one of her original patterns(value $8.00).
Here are the six quilt patterns the winner will get to chose from:
  1. Summer Tomatoes Quilt Pattern – PDF
  2. Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern – PDF
  3. Textures Quilt Pattern – PDF
  4. Quilted Checkbook or Calendar Pattern – PDF
  5. Quilted Pocket Purse – PDF
  6. Turn a Quilt into a Bag Pattern - PDF
Off Season Prizes
  • One of the most stressful parts of running a fun event on my blog for me is soliciting sponsors and prizes.  Off season means I don’t have to do that. 
  • BUT if you want to donate anything to be randomly drawn for by participants in the challenge I’m happy to post about it and run the hat drawing.  If this is something you’re interested in…just email me at lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com.

Miniature Quilt: Tiny Ticky Tacky Houses

I finished it!  A few weeks ago I released the pattern to make my miniature quilt top – Tiny Ticky Tacky Houses.


I am happy to report that I have finished my miniature quilt top – it’s all quilted, bound, and everything!


I free motion quilted roughly around each of the houses.  I wanted to keep it whimsical just like the little houses.  I also added a fun little doors in the houses with my stitching.  I just did free motion meandering in the little green areas.  IMG_3266

I added a small little flange of my black print to the binding just to make the quilt ‘pop’ just that much more.  A fun coordinating stripe binds the final piece. IMG_3270

The back of the fabric!


I snapped my pictures just before the sun went down and didn’t have time to go to the deer fence … maybe later next week I’ll get a few shots of Tiny Ticky Tacky Houses Quilt.

Linking to TGIFF and Finish Up Friday.

2014 A Lovely Year of Finishes–Finishes

I did it!  I finished my August goal for ‘A Lovely Year of Finishes’!  My goal this month was Project QUILTING. I technically had two goals.


I had to finish my quilt for the Project QUILTING’ class at Mill House Quilts that I ran and the challenge ‘The Quilt Block’.  Read more about my quilt, how my class went and see the quilts my students created by going HERE.


The second quilt I had to make was for the ‘Red and White’ Challenge. Read more about my Little Red house Quilt HERE

I’m happy to report that even though they’re not big quilts … they are finished quilts!  Now to figure out what goal I can handle for September …

Resolution Bee Block Tutorial

Today is the day of the 35th Block of the ‘Twisted Traditional’ Quilt Along!  35 Blocks!  Wowza!  I actually came up with this block awhile back and I’ve been anxiously waiting to share it with you all.  So – without further adieu …

Resolution Bee Block Tutorial for

52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

Finished Block Size – 9” x 9”

By twisting the traditional block ‘Resolution Square’ we can create a whimsical Bee block.

Cutting Instructions

Fabric A - Wings2 – 5” squares

Fabric B – Sky (blue)
2 – 5” x 2.75” rectangles
2 – 2.75” squares
6 – 1.5” squares

Fabric C – Bee Body1 – 2.75” Square
Fabric D – Bee Head1 – 2.75” Square


Layout all your fabric like I show in the diagram above. This will help you as you sew.
Start by sewing your bee head (Fabric D) to your 2.75” background (Fabric B) square. Press toward the bee head.
Sew the 2.75” x 5” background fabric rectangle to complete your head square.
Now sew your bee body (Fabric C) to your 2.75” background (Fabric B) square. Press toward the bee head.
Sew the 2.75” x 5” background fabric rectangle to complete your body square.
A bees wing isn’t square … we’re going to round the corners just a bit.
Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of your 1.5” background squares. Place them in three of the four corners of your wing square.
Stitch right on the line you drew.
Trim off the corners.
Press toward the background fabric. Repeat with the second wing.
Layout your bee head, bee body, and two wing blocks in the orientation you see above.
Sew the four patch together.
Either with embroidery or a micron pen it’s time to add the bees antennae.
I just drew mine on for now…I may go back later and embroider them.
And with that…your ‘Resolution Bee’ block is finished!
Get your FREE printable PDF of this block by heading to my craftsy store.  Don’t wait too long…after a month (9/27), the PDF will be $1.

I can’t wait to see what all your blocks look like!  Be sure to share you blocks and any projects you make using your blocks onto our flickr group: 52 Blocks Quilt Along

Hashtag: #52bTT

Stop back next Wednesday for another twisted traditional block tutorial!

Previous Blocks:

Project QUILTING Recap

Some of you probably just heard me chatting with Pat Sloan about Project QUILTING.  I wanted to make it easy peasy for you to find out more about it when you visited my website!

me on the phone

Of course…I had to instagram myself talking with PAT SLOAN!!!!

I hope you enjoyed our little chat – it was definitely a rush and great experience for me!

If you missed it…you’ll be able to hear it again later tonight by going HERE.

PQ4Me Luxury Quilt Retreat Weekend

Project QUILTING is happening LIVE and in person in January of 2015!  Come and meet, learn from and be inspired by Ebony Love!  Sign up now – spaces are limited!

Project QUILTING – What is it?


There’s still time to start and finish this months off season challenge!  The challenge is Red and White!

Quilts on a Fence

It was a wonderful, but super hot and humid, weekend at the orchard.  Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Kim Lapacek Aug 2014 guestBefore I get to the meat of my post I just wanted to remind you to tune in this afternoon to listen to me chat with Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork and Quilting Radio Show!  You’ll be able to listen in on the fun by going HERE today 3PM EST!

Since I’m a bit exhausted still from the weekend…I’m going to mostly be showing you some pictures on this post.  IMG_2816Since my house is surrounded by approximately 3,000 apple trees one would be correct in guessing that at one time or the other we had a problem with deer in the orchard. That person would not be wrong.  The winter of 2008, the deer discovered our orchard and made it their home.  They caused significant damage to our trees and as a result, we had to put up a deer fence.  I was worried the deer fence would make me feel like I’m living in a complex.  It doesn’t!  Woot!  And – on top of deer damage free apple trees … I have a great way to hang up my quilts for their photo shoots!  The other day, I pulled out most of the quilts I had made since my first spontaneous outdoor quilt show and hung them on the fence for a shoot.  I took the pictures myself this go around … so they’re not quite as impressive as the first show … but you’ll get the picture!


IMG_2814I also had a little fun playing with my fish eye camera lens.IMG_2828This is my favorite picture of the shoot!IMG_2841


Tula Pink, City SamplerIMG_2852

Modern Log CabinIMG_2862

Peeking BloomsIMG_2863

Little BoxesIMG_2865

Dresden NeighborhoodIMG_2877

African ImpromptuIMG_2886

Novitiate Nebula2014-08-10a1

My Favorite Block Sampler2014-08-10a

Once Upon A Time


I hope to continue my outdoor quilt show tradition next year.  It’s fun to actually put all the quilts up there and see just how much I managed to finish!