Once Upon a Time–Art Quilt

The first quilt I’m entering in the Fall of 2014 Blogger’s Quilt Festival


is one of my very own personal favorites – Once Upon A Time. I’ve shown this quilt off on my blog before but never during a Festival.  I am so proud of this piece I felt it deserved some time in the online festival.


The story behind the quilt …

In 2013, I worked on both the Aurifil Designer Block of the Month and the Bungalow Quilting and Yarn’s 2013 Paper Piecing Fairy Tale Block of the Month Quilt Along.  I decided right away that I would work in the same fabrics for the blocks of both.  This way – when I was done, I could combine them all into one big, unique, fun quilt!


photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography

12 Aurifil blocks (including one completely hand stitched), 20 paper pieced fairy tale blocks (I decided to leave 2 out of the quilt), and a year and a half later – my quilt, “Once Upon a Time…” is finished!

fairy tale close up

I sent my quilt top to Marcia Wachuta of Marcia’s Crafty Sewing and Quilting to quilt it with the instructions that I wanted ‘fairytale whimsy’ mixed with tradition.  I also wanted the words “Once Upon a Time” stitched into the top and the words “and they lived Happily Ever After” stitched into the bottom.  Marcia did a fabulous job of fulfilling my request!


I always have a hard time deciding which category to put my quilts into.  I finally decided that I’m going to enter this one into art quilt. I feel this is not a traditional quilt in the sense of the mixture of traditional blocks with the fairy tale blocks.  I used three different fabrics from the same Laura Gunn Edges line interchangeably as my background fabrics to bring the 32 blocks together in a haphazard crazy way that makes you see something new every time you look at this one.  I do belie it’s truly a piece of art that will keep me warm and cozy at night!

Quilt Stats

Name: Once Upon a Time
Finished Size: 82" x 99"
Machine Pieced: Me, Kim Lapacek
Machine Quilted: Marcia Wachuta, Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting
Category Entered: Scrappy
Awards Won: 
Viewer’s Choice at ‘For the Love of Quilts’ show in Belleville, WI 2014
Accepted and Shown at the Dubuque, Iowa AQS Show in the Bad Ass Quilter Society Exhibit


photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography

So here it is (next to my Tula Pink City Sampler)!  This was definitely a labor of love.  I enjoy things that are quick and easy but I adding in a crazy challenge here and there – like paper piecing 20 Fairy Tale blocks and mixing them in with traditional blocks – makes life a little more interesting!

If you love it too…be sure to head over and Nominate it for ‘Viewer’s Choice’.

100,000 plus Giveaway WINNER

Thank you to everyone who commented on my 100,000 plus Giveaway post!  The words you all had to say about my blog filled my heart with joy and inspiration.  It’s really nice to hear that people are truly enjoying what I have to say and share with you all.

263 comments were made for the giveaway so I put that into random.org to find my winner …

Fullscreen capture 10232014 83542 AM

Congratulations to celticwoman55!

Her answer to the question:

Why do you like to visit Persimon Dreams’ blog?  (the giveaways, the tutorials, the challenges, pictures of my adorable kids, all of the above or is it something else?)


I just recently started following your blog last month. I really love the tutorials which are the main reason I follow any blog. I like the fat I can get new ideas and how to's for quilts.

Thanks again to everyone for joining in the fun!

Odd Fellow’s Cats Block Tutorial–52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

cat pile

We have a few cats at our orchard.  They can commonly be found all in a pile in one of the chairs in front of our shop.  It seemed only fitting to share this photo with you to go along with today’s block tutorial.

Odd Fellow’s Cats Block Tutorial for

52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

Finished Block Size – 10” x 10”

By twisting the traditional block ‘Odd Fellow’s Cross’ a whimsical block full of adorable kittens is created.

Cutting Instructions


Fabric A – Cats (four fabrics)
4 – 3 ¼” squares – cut both angles like shown in the picture above. Put aside two o the four triangles.


4 – 3/14” squares (one of each fabric)

Fabric B – Background

1 – 7.25” square – cut at both angles like shown in the picture above


1 – 2.5” squares
1 – 3.25” square


2” x 4” scraps of each fabric you use for cats.

5” x 6” fusible



Layout all your fabric like I show in the diagram above. This will help you as you sew.


We’ll start by making the cats’ ears. Place a triangle of Fabric A right sides together with the 2.5” square of Fabric B. Center this as much as possible before you stitch it down.


A portion of the triangle will go outside the square – just make sure that at a ¼” it lines up with the square and you’ll be perfect!


Take the second triangle of Fabric A and place it right sides together as centered as possible. Stitch it down.


Press towards the triangle.


Repeat with all four cat ears. Your new layout should look like it does above.


Now let’s sew the cat ears to the cat body.

Place your ear block right sides together with the 3.25” cat body square. Press towards the body.


At this point we just have a nine patch on point that needs to be stitched together.


Let’s stitch these into three rows. Always press towards Fabric B – this will help making your fabrics kiss when you want to match your corners.


Sew your three strips together by kissing the corners together.


Hold your finger on this seam as you sew to ensure the perfect points!


Press towards the larger triangles.

Now – let’s draw our kitten’s tails!


Instead of just making a template that you can print I am going to show you how you can draw your own applique templates. First – draw a right triangle the size of the block your applique is going into. In this case – the two sides are approximately 5”.


I drew basically an outlined ‘S’ coming off one edge for my cats’ tails.


Use this image to trace onto the fusible scraps.


Fuse eeach of these tails to a scrap of Fabric A.


Maker sure to fuse to the wrong side of the fabric.


Place the tails where you’d like them and press them down in place.


You could either draw or embroider more details to your cats – like legs, eyes, noses, and mouths – if you’d like but I like just the silhouette of each critter.

And with that…your ‘Odd Fellow’s Cat’ block is finished!

- - -

Get your FREE printable PDF of this block by heading to my craftsy store.  Don’t wait too long…after a month (11/22), the PDF will be $1.


- - -

I can’t wait to see what all your blocks look like!  Be sure to share you blocks and any projects you make using your blocks onto our flickr group: 52 Blocks Quilt Along

Hashtag: #52bTT

Stop back next Wednesday for another twisted traditional block tutorial!

Tactical Quilt Show Travel Techniques from Guest Blogger, Trish Frankland aka QUILTchicken

I’m very excited to be welcoming guest blogger Trish Frankland aka QUILTchicken on my blog today!  She attended the Quilt Festival in Houston last year and the AQS show in Chattanooga, TN, earlier this year and has some great tips to share with you all on what to pack and expect!


Are you going to Houston this year? Is a trip to Paducah in your spring plans, or is there another “big show” trip in your future? Since Kim’s off to Houston for the first time, I’m taking over her blog today with a list of things you should pack for your next big quilt show vacation.


1. Comfortable shoes: I know – you want to wear something cute and sassy to show your style and prove your pizazz. bad shoesBut nothing will ruin your trip faster than uncomfortable shoes. And I guarantee if those shoes are even the tiniest bit pinchy at home, halfway through show you’ll swear they were cobbled by Satan from razor wire and 40-grit sandpaper.

2. Tiny quantities of pharmacy supplies: I once wasted HOURS looking for a place to buy Tums. You only need a dose or two of anything, so don’t get carried away. Just pack a tiny baggie with:

  • one dose of Pepcid, a pack of Rolaids, or Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets
  • one dose of Sudafed
  • a couple Band-aids
  • some pain reliever
  • a handful of cough drops
  • a tube of lip balm
  • the floss mini-sample from your dentist
  • purse pack of wet wipes
  • contact lens case and fluid

3. Electronic privacy: Whether you’re going on a bus trip or adventuring with friends, at some point you just need to get AWAY for a bit. So pack your headphones, earplugs, and maybe even Benedryl for bedtime to make sharing the hotel room with a snorer more tolerable (she can’t help it, bless her heart). Also, pack your best manners and the patience of Job because seriously, too much togetherness is TOO MUCH … but you’ve all got to find a way to get along.

4. Camera: I know, it’s the 21st century and your fancy phone takes pictures. But pack the camera too. You’ll want to take tons of pictures of the quilts for future reference, and how will your friends text you to meet up later when you’ve drained the battery in your phone?

· Note: cellphone coverage is always HORRIBLE inside convention centers, so make contingency plans in case you don’t hear from one another by a certain time.

5. Chargers: My crystal ball says you’ll have 15 electronic devices along on the trip, so make sure you brought all the proper charging cords. Also, consider a portable power strip for the hotel room because those plugs are never convenient nor plentiful.


· Also, do not take your iPad or Kindle to the show – leave it in the hotel. It’s dead weight and you’ll be better off without it.

6. Boredom busters: For the travelling part of your trip, bring a selection of entertainments. Don’t rely 100% on your electronic devices, because batteries die and accidents happen. A book is always a good idea, but reading makes me barfy and bus-sick. Consider a small handwork project that doesn’t require motion above your elbows; your seatmate will agree this is not the time for a full-contact arm weaving project. Snacks are also advised.

7. Lanyard with swag: The show will probably give you a junky elastic or shoelace lanyard for your nametag but if you’ve got a fun one, bring it!


This is where you make up for the practical, non-cute shoes: adorn it with the buttons and pins from your homies and quilt-famous friends. Along with your local guild and affiliations, I highly recommend the Bad Ass Quilters Guild  and Sam Hunter’s “We Are $ew Worth It” campaign. We really should have Project Quilting pins made, shouldn’t we?

8. Bag: Absolutely you need to DOWNSIZE to the necessities: this is not the time for your huge wallet full of checkbook, store discount cards, old receipts, and 3-years-worth of kids’ school pictures. Instead of a purse, carry one medium-size totebag with a small change purse wallet and your small bag of necessities from #2 above. Leave the rest at home. Every night, empty out your bag, restock, and start again fresh.

9. Money: I’m not going to try to tell you how much to spend, or on what. But it is wise to budget yourself if you’re there more than one day, and set aside money for things like FOOD for the rest of your trip. I like to have a couple options (cash, credit card) and to put those in a smaller change purse that’s easy to locate, maybe in a special pocket of your totebag. Do NOT just throw it in your bag or you’ll annoy everyone in line with the archeological dig to the bottom. Also, you probably want to budget something to purchase a gift for that special friend who populates your blog while you’re absent. Just sayin’ …

Road Tripping on a Quilting Bus

That’s right folks.  One week from today (actually one week from 12 hours ago) I will be boarding a bus in Madison, WI to travel down to Houston, Texas for the Quilt Festival!  I can’t wait!  I know many think I’m crazy for taking a bus – but seriously – this is going to be amazing!  It’s a quilter bus!  We’ll be stopping at quilt shops every day on our way down!  The organizer, Cheryl, is fabulous and has done this MANY times … I just know it’s going to be fabulous.

quilt bus

The cherry on top – I just have to get on and off the bus whenever she tells me too – I don’t have to plan a thing, make a decision about anything, or do anything but sleep and relax.  SO READY!

Below I’ve listed the shops we’ll be stopping at our way down.  If this is your LQS please let me know if there’s something special there I should look for or collection on my way!

Our host shop – Quintessential Quilts in Madison and Reedsburg

And don’t worry – I’ll be blogging about my journey all week next week!  It will be like you’re riding along right with me (well – perhaps I’ll be slightly edited).

Stop back tomorrow for a guest post from my friend and talented quilter, Trish Frankland of Quilt Chicken,  who gives you some tips on what to pack for Festival!

Scrap Quilt Challenge Winner

107 scrappy quilts were submitted to Fabric N Quilts Scrap Quilt Challenge.  Be sure to head over to this flickr group to check them all out!

I just want to share a few of my personal favorites … they are all amazing … these are just ones I may try with my scraps someday …


Beth’s ‘X and +’ Quilt is fabulous!

Happy and Scrappy by Quilts by Lisa is definitely worth looking at!


I love a good sampler!  Great work carj6316!

Wild Child

I think peachygh’s ‘Wild Child’ is also pretty darn fabulous!

22 prizes were given away by some fantastic sponsors of the Scrap Quilt Challenge and I was lucky enough to be drawn to win a free class from Craftsy!

Fullscreen capture 10192014 103112 PM

I have so many classes on my wish list it was hard to decide which one I wanted to purchase first! After some debate – I felt that ‘Stupendous Stitching: Adventures in Surface Design with Carol Ann Waugh’ would be the most useful at the moment. I can’t wait to get started!

Thanks to Craftsy for sponsoring and Shannon of Fabrics N Quilts for hosting this fun Scrap Quit Contest! I can’t wait for 2015’s Scrap Challenge!

Blogger Quilt Festival–Reminder


I love the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  This is just a reminder to myself and to you all to get thinking on which quilt(s) you want to enter for this round.  It starts on October 24th!

Find out more here -   http://amyscreativeside.com/bloggers-quilt-festival/